Double Live reached different Blues Charts Worldwide


2nd in The IBBA Blues Album Charts Top 40 (UK)

5th in The Australian Blues Album Charts (AUS)

18th in Roots Music Report Blues Album Charts Top 50 (USA)

19th in The Blues song Charts Find Me A Woman Reached on R.M.R. (USA)‚Äč

22nd in the WMHB Blues Album Charts (USA)


Some quote's from international reviews on Double Live

Blues Blast Magazine (USA) : What the listener is left with is close to two hours of kickass blues-rock tempered with blues and R&B. Their is much to recommend this CD from the highly imaginative guitar and organ playing to the lyrics and blues-rock attitude

The Blues Matters (UK) : "This album is pure class all the way and should take

the band into a higher level,go get a copy!!! "

Blues in Britain (UK) : "i have no favourite track , they're all great!!! "

Blues News (DE) : "Great songwriting and sounds Great!!! "

Blues Online (PL) : "Promotors book them , you and the audience will be happy "

Il Popolo Del Blues (IT) : "A masterpiece for Blues fans"

Bluesmagazine( NL) : "100 min of magnificent Blues "

Rock The Best Music. com (ESP) : "one of the most impressive records of 2016"

Rootstime (BE) : "a stunning album of international Class"

Phil the music quill (UK) : "these boys have a genuine feel for blues and it shows"





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